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WARNING - White Eunuchs of our modern day and age

So my teenage son would like to go hiking across France on his own, filled with enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure. Well, I really hate to be a killjoy, but after reading this story below, which was posted on a Russian news web site, he will stay put and go on holiday with Mom and Pops!
Now it could be a bullshit story, urban legend or such, but I would not take a chance. One would have thought a story like this would have made world news headlines, like the case of Maddie and Natasha Kampusch. But then again, I do know the world media is very selective about what it chooses to report, and it wouldn't come as a surprise if this tale of woe has been purposely neglected by the main stream media. I mean, lets face it, no self respecting news editor would want to offend black and Muslim sensibilities now would they, especially since the victim in this case was a white boy.

That said, it is a fact that many young eastern Europeans are eager to find work in western Europe, where even menial jobs pay better than in their home countries. It is a sad fact that many of these young folk are exploited in some way or another, be it under paid or crap working conditions, but never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that they tricked, kidnapped and literally sold into real dinkum slavery!

Be warned young white people heading for greener pastures in foreign lands...there is great demand for real white European slaves in this modern day and age!

A serious scandal arose for several days in the capital of the Arabian country Yemen. During a raid of the police against drug dealers in a basement in one of the buildings near the marketplace, a semi-naked youngster was found chained to the wall with manacles, European in appearance. He was frightened to answer the questions of the police officers, but was only trembling and weeping. In the police station after a cup of coffee, the young man came to himself and gave evidence in clumsy Arabian. The name of the 22 year old lad turned out to be Irzhi Shlemek. He was a Slovak citizen and stayed illegally in Yemen for about two years. According to his words he was tricked to enter the country where he was kidnapped and castrated.

With a sickle upon the balls.
The poor Slovak guy did not have a permanent residence in his native country. He sold his apartment and traveled across Europe - spending nights at the railway stations, hitchhiking, even begging sometimes. In France he met an Arabian named Hakim who offered him work on a construction for a monthly salary of 1000 USD. Irzhi agreed and illegally entered Yemen via Ethiopia. There Hakim led him to two stalwart guys. In the evening the youngster was taken to an unknown place, where more than 20 men with sullen faces were sitting. They explained to him that this is a marketplace where the rich Arabs hire workers for the construction of their palaces. An old man with a beard and in rich garments (a sheik) came to him. He started a long dispute with the two guys that brought Shlemek. After half an hour of bargaining, Irzhi was asked to undress and his tall strong body impressed the customer. Finally the old man gave the two "partners" a bunch of banknotes and waved to the young man to follow him. Later it turned out that the Slovak was taken to one of the illegal slave markets in the countryside.

At first Irzhi was settled in a good room in the house for servants. What was prepared for him, he came to know after two days when a guard with a Kalshnikov came accompanied by a silent man with a cup of hot boiling water and knives - the local barber who usually made the castrations. Irzhi started to cry and to struggle, but the guard shot him in the arm. The young man realized that if he did not obey the orders he might be killed.

"I could rely on nobody in the situation, explained the Slovak later in the police station. All what happened later was a nightmare. I was tied down naked on a table. The guard laughed at me that I am going to loose my manhood, but shall benefit from the situation as I am young and strong and shall survive the surgery. After it I shall not be put to hard work like most of the slaves, but shall enter places, where he cannot go to. They tied my testicles tightly with a cord and cut them with a red-hot small knife in the form of a sickle. They called it "The source of chastity". It was so painful! I was crying for so long time, that I lost my voice and could only weep. The guard was only laughing at me, discussing my big balls that were gone and my future career as a white eunuch slave."

They are kidnapping tramps and wanderers
It turned out that the sheik bought Irzhi for 5000 USD especially to use him as a eunuch in his harem of 68 women. This high price was due not only to the fact that the slave was tall young and physically very strong, but also because he was a white European and blondish. To have such a slave and particularly a white eunuch is nowadays very fashionable and a question of prestige in the harems of Arabia and North Africa.

"Most of the young white men that are "working" in the harems are kidnapped and forcefully emasculated like me, explained Shlemek. To hire a white eunuch is practically impossible. The emissaries are silently travelling across Europe trying to recruit young men, promising them much money. Highly prized are the blond men, but the most important is that they are young, tall, strong and in good physical shape. The emissaries are more active in the unstable countries of Central and East Europe, but they work also in Western Europe and in North America. Usually they try to recruit tramps and wanderers - no one will miss them and there will be no risk of trouble.

In the harem, where I was sold, there were also other young white men. One of them was a guy from Moscow - Pavel. He was Ukrainian and had moved in 1991 to Moscow immediately after his military service in the paratroops with two of his friends. As they were strong and handsome, they at once received an offer to work in Nigeria. Thus they were taken illegally in the Yemen and were castrated the same day. All the three of them fetched the highest prices - about 10 000 USD as were castrated before appearing on the auction block. Pavel had information, that this Russian company, recruiting young Russians "to build houses" in Africa is still operating in Moscow. You see, what are they actually doing? They say that some of the captive Russian soldiers in Chechnya were also brought to Arabia by the slavedealers to be castrated and serve as eunuchs. I have heard about many of them, but I saw no one."

It is also fashionable for the rich Muslims to have white girls from France and Sweden, but usually they have legal marriage contacts - the rich do not want to have alcoholics and whores. After several years they get divorced and come back home with a good sum of money. The situation of the male slaves is far harder. Even if they are used for physical labour, they are usually castrated, but if they have to work in the household, and practically all of the white male slaves work there, castration is considered a necessity. On the secret slave markets every month there appeared up to 5000 slaves - male and female. The price of an adult male is between 500 and 10 000 USD. The white male slaves are usually several tens per month. There is no road back for any of them.

Enslaved through a Tour Operator
Irzhi lived monotonously in the harem. His work was not a heavy one and he was well fed. Together with the other eunuchs he bathed the women, combed their hair, cleaned the harem rooms, and even made small repairs of broken things. The uncastrated slaves were not allowed to cross the doors of the harem. For such things they might be punished with castration or even with death. The women of the sheik were used to the services of the eunuchs and were not at all bothered by the presence of the new white eunuch. He himself was so shocked by his brutal emasculation that did not experience any sexual desires towards them. At the beginning he had been crying for the whole night.

His master had many guests and he always boasted with his white slaves, serving as eunuchs. They had to serve the guests and that was the worst part of their slavery, as they were often objects of sexual approaches and mocking. Many of the guests tried to buy Shlemek for their own purposes, but his master never wanted to sell him. To have a young white eunuch like Irzhi, tall, strong and most of all blondish was considered by him a question of social position.

Despite all that, one day his master simply gave the handsome eunuch as a present to one of the religious leaders in the country. But it happened that the same day his new master went on a pilgrimage in Mecca. So Irzhi was taken to the basement near the marketplace and was manacled to the wall and well guarded for the arrival of his new master who would claim his property. There the police found him.
"I shall never go back to Europe, spoke Shlemek weeping. Most probably I shall try to find a job as a harem guard in Egypt or in Libya. There I shall get good money and shall drink out all of it in an attempt to forget that nightmare."

The Russian parliament issued a statement, recommending all Russian citizens not to travel to Yemen. It stated that tourists could easily be subjected to kidnapping by the Bedouin tribes for ransom or to be sold as slaves. Despite this, some Russian tour operators still advertise "a trip to Yemen, the pearl of the East". And it is quite possible that at least some of them are a coverage for organizations of slavedealers, recruiting for many years "fresh" and young white eunuchs for the harems of Arabia.

-L. Shahanova.

www. sobesednik. ru/yellow/

A bit of background on Eunuchs...

Harem women formed only half of the harem hierarchy. Eunuchs were the integral other half of the harem. Eunuchs were considered to be less than men and thus unable to be "tempted" by the harem women and would remain solely loyal to the Sultan. Eunuchs were castrated men and hence possessed no threat to the sanctity of the harem.
According to Muslim tradition, no man could lay his eyes on another man's harem, thus someone less than a man was required for the role of watchful guardianship over the harem women.

Eunuchs tended to be male prisoners of war or slaves, castrated before puberty and condemned to a life of servitude.
White eunuchs were first provided from the conquered Christian areas of Caucasia, Georgia, and Armenia. They were also culled from Hungarian, Slovenian, and German prisoners of war. These white eunuchs were captured during the conflicts that arouse between the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan countries.

Black eunuchs were captured from Egypt, Abyssinia and the Sudan. Black slaves were captured from the upper Nile and transported to markets on the Mediterranean Sea - Mecca, Medina, Beirut, Izmir and Istanbul. All eunuchs were castrated en route to the markets by Egyptian Christians or Jews, as Islam prohibited the practice of castration but not the usage of castrated slaves.
There were several different varieties of eunuchs:

-Sandali, or clean-shaven: The parts are swept off by a single cut of a razor, a tube (tin or wooden) is set in the urethra, the wound is cauterized with boiling oil, and the patient is planted in a fresh dung-hill. His diet is milk, and if under puberty he often survives.

-The eunuch whose penis is removed: He retains all the power of copulation and procreation without the wherewithal; and this, since the discovery of caoutchouc, has often been supplied.

-The eunuch, or classical thlibias and semivir, who has been rendered sexless by the removing of the testicles..., or by their being bruised..., twisted, seared or bandaged.

Black eunuchs tended to be of the first category: Sandali, while white eunuchs were of the second or third categories, thus have part or their entire penis intact. Because of their lack of parts, black eunuchs served in the harem, while white eunuchs served in the government (and away from the women). At the height of the Ottoman Empire, as many as six to eight hundred eunuchs served within the Seraglio (palace). Most eunuchs arrived as gifts from governors of different provinces. At the end of their training as young eunuch pages, eunuchs were assigned to service. White eunuchs were placed under the patronage of various government officials or even into the service of the Sultan himself (like in Topkapi Palace). If they were black eunuchs, they were placed into the service of a harem personage, such as a Kadin, or a daughter or sister of the Sultan. They could also serve under the Kizlar Agha (master of the girls), the Chief Black Eunuch.


  1. i think it is just a story as i work as black eunuch in saudi 4 yeras and never see any white guys like us
    also 68 wives - even my bos who is rich only has 3!!!
    also, all that sex

    we almost never have sex
    if only!
    ps i can only get to computr when travel with family out of saudi but wood like to talk to othjer guys like me

  2. Kofi,
    How can I get into contact with u?
    Bagus, from Indonesia, in Omani harem

  3. As a doctor, working in Saudi, I know some white eunuchs, and have operated one of them, who was a Pole. He was Ok very soon after the surgery.

  4. I also would really like to talk to people who are eunuchs or doctors about this, please get in contact. email me

  5. It still happens and no one would miss him is the key here. Don't think for a second similar things don't happen in America. If the son of this man had money and kept in contact with his dad chances are he would be safe. Folks if someone wants u to cross national borders and tell u they are sneaking u into a country run like he'll unless u want to be owned!

  6. I dont understand what is so bad about being made a white eunuch. Its just cutting of the balls and the penis is not touched. And today it is done in hospital with local anesthatic and only hurts a bit later when the empty sack heals. But for this small inconvenience one gets a very well paid job. I would not mind to be snipped, if I could than work for a rich sheikh. If someone wants to hire me for his harem please e-mail me at:

  7. Felix, if you are a guy like that Shlemek in the story - young, tall, strong and good looking, just get a ticket to Sanna, or Muscat, or Rhiad. There you will get cut and reimbursed for the ticket, I am sure.
    Wish you success in that job!

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  14. it here is subhuman below the slaves and has looked for years to find a doc or vet to castrate it so as to have no gender it would serve and worship its owner but its almost given up to be castrated .. why is it that a man of sound mind can't decide his future as a eunich because state and religion runs the world it herehas captured all in a sense of itsfreedom tobecome what it was born to be..unlike the chains that hold a slave we have been taken over by mind body and soul for societies sake

    1. I worked in a Saudi refinery for several years and while there learned of these better paying harem jobs. There is high demand for young, white, English speaking eunuchs with U.S. passports to escort, chaperone, guard, and serve Saudi girls travelling to U.S. and also living here to go to universities. I was given a cash lump sum bonus to get clipped. I was taken to Romania where a Russian doctor castrated me (cut out both testicles). She did a good job, it was painless and no complications. I returned to Saudi where I worked in a harem of 16 women for about six months. There were 3 other white eunuchs working in that harem, two of them were “trafficked” from Russia and the other was a volunteer like me. Then one of the daughters I served was ready to go to university in U.S. and I escort her and now live with her here in U.S. where I am her servant. Here she lets me take T injections so I can service her sexually.

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  15. Hi, Tim!
    I also want to make castration eunuch and serve in Saudi Arabia. How to get a job? I ask for your advice.

  16. When in Moscow I and 4 guys sign up for job in Rhiad. They fly us in small plane. They land in Romania to refuel and doped us and cut our nuts. We no get refinery job but sell us serve women as eunuchs. I talk some englis so escort 2 girls to u.s. Any other eunuchs here?

    1. Hi Boris,
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  18. Boris, how can you get this job? Ready to castration.

  19. I am really moved by Boris story. I just don, t get why they did that to him. I would be so angry if someone would castrate me without asking for permission. Boris and the four others lost the ability to father children when they were gelded. And the scrotum is such a sensitive and intimate part of a mans body. I just think its wrong to cut their without the future eunuchs consent. I understand that the Saudis need eunuchs, but forced castration is just not ok. If someone would ask me I would not mind to have my testicles taken out. I don, t mind to be made sterile. If anyone needs a eunuch please let me know:

  20. Young student, stay in Cape Town, would love a job. Balls can go.

  21. i would love to be a castrated eunuch harem slave more than any thing in the world.
    i am a white english male.if any sheiks are needing
    another enuch slave please contact me.

  22. To those of you who 'wish' to serve as these harem slaves (I can comprehend only two reasons why). Mind you that sexual attraction towards women usually disappears overnight with castration. Your penis also shrinks gradually and within 5 years reaches its prepubescent size, and erections if any can become very painful or even bloody.

    1. Thanks a lot Aisha, from wherever you are in the world.
      You have given a very valuable info for all the men in the world.

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  24. Aisha, You know about the eunuchs in the modern Arab world? Can you tell us about this?

  25. I have always been fascinated by harem life, and have read quite a few books about the Ottoman harem. I am 58 years old and have learned quite a bit about human nature. What so many people don't realize is that wonderful sexual pleasure for a woman can be achieved from a man WITHOUT using a penis at all. Sultans used castrated men thinking that this would keep the women faithful. But face it- cutting the genitals didn't cut out their hearts. And it didn't take away their ability to please a woman.