Monday, 15 September 2008

Voodoo Donuts - The Magic's in the hole..!

Let me tell you what I love about America. America has some really crazy and funky people. I have seen things there that I've never seen anywhere else in the world, and just left me shaking my head in disbelief, because peoples innovation and creativity seems to be boundless... a good example of this has to be Voodoo Donuts...

Take a simple confection like a donut...In SA the most folks would do with a donut is coat it in chocolate icing and sprinkle 100's and 1000's over or coat it it cinnamon and sugar. Here in Germany they are filled with strawberry jam...but in Portland Oregan...not a chance will you find such boring stuff...

Sunday nights DMAX screens Anthony Bordain's foodie proramme, which let me tell you, is always a scream to watch. I don't know if you poor folks in the Heart of Darkness get to see it, but if not...WHAT A PITY...anyway, this last Sunday's show Bordain was in and around Portland Oregon, and it seems like a pretty neat place if you ask me. But the best thing about the city just has to be Voodoo Donuts! No sounds pretty creepy for a donut shop, but it is really a wild place. They have got a donut menue to blow your socks off. Check this out...

-Grape Ape(raised doughnut with vanilla frosting and grape powder

- Dirt(raised doughnut covered with vanilla glaze and oreo cookies)

- Arnold Palmer(cake doughnut covered with lemon and tea powder)

- Butter Fingering(Devils food, vanilla, and crushed Butterfinger)

- Neapolitan (chocoalte doughnut with vanilla frosting and strawberry quick powder)

- Triple Chocolate Penetration(chocolate doughnut, chocolate glaze, and cocoa-puffs)

- Voodoo Doughnut(voodoo doll doughnut coated in chocolate filled with red jelly...when you bite it it bleeds!)

- Dirty Snowball(chocolate cake doughnut covered with pink marshmallow glaze and surprise filling..???...Hmmm....might be fill qualudes!)

- Apple Fritter(apple/glaze/doughnut as big as your head)

- The Memphis Mafia(chocolate chips/banana/ peanutbutter/glaze big!)

- Portland Creme(raised doughnut filled with creme and covered in chocolate with two eyes)

- Cock-n-Balls(Bachlorette party favorite, tripple cream filled, with your favorite saying written right on it. Comes in its own pink box. $4.95 Order ahead as supplies can be limited... I bet!)

- Nyquil Glazed and pepto-bismol (currently on hold)

- No NameA doughnut so good we couldn't come up with a better name. It has chocolate rice crispys and peanutbutter on it.

VEGAN(thats right, vegan doughnuts! assorted flavors, come in and eat many)

Not only is Voodoo Donuts Portland Oregon's home of the Pepto Bismol doughnut. Pepto-Bismol. by the wayside, is an over-the-counter drug produced by the Procter and Gamble company used to treat minor digestive system upset and is aparrently bright pink....but they also used to make a donut called a in speed! That is cough mixture and caffien donut...but they had to take that off the menu, too many late night ravers were raving on Speedballs, so the F&D police told them they were not allowed to combine medicine with food...The Pepto Bismol is also on hold despite the fact that one would probably need it after noshing down a half dozen of these baby's.

But being inspired by the idea of custom donuts, I thought I would create a few of my own for all my here goes...

Moonie Donut - Triple Death by choclate. Chocolate donute with choc chips, filled with chocolate syrup, coated with a dark choclate glaze and covered in smarties...(they lady is expecting...have a heart.!)

Gerrie Donut - Make that a Black Lable donut toped with a green Jägermeister glaze

Jaynie Donut - The woman is a mielie pap donut topped with a tomatoe and onion sauce with a chunk of Boerewors on top, should chase away all the homesickness and bring on some other 'sickness' which might be fixed if she pops a Pepto Bismol donut afterwards...

The Jolly Jack Donut - A vanilla donut with a half a bankie of Durban Poison, glazed with a lime glaze and sprinkled with peanuts, served with a 2L Coke and 5 packets of Simba chips for the munchies.....

The MfG Donut - Keeping things traditoinally Germanic, make that a plain donut with saurkraut and schinken topped with a brattwürst and rounded off with a Löwensenf glaze, comes with a 6 pack of Krombacher Weitzen's...

The Jenny Donut - Plain donut no frills...just a Malborough on the side..

Lee Donut - Vanilla donut with guava and custard filling, sprinkled with choc chip cookie crumble..


  1. Ek laaik jou uitsig, maar ek bly in fokken Jao'burg. :-)

  2. Dankie Liefie....Jy bly in Jao'burg? Ag asseblief se vir my dis n pragtige plekkie in Portugal en nie n spelvoutjie, en jy sit nog in Babboonburg, JHB- Hell on Earth in Gauteng province..!!!

  3. Yis. Die kinners like donuts - baie - kos net baie hier in NZ. Baie sensueel die donut kultuur?

  4. Wat van n stukkie oor Pierneef? Ek kyk na sy prentjies op my muur - die man gaat vergeet word in die toekoms en dans my erfstuk boom prentjies niks werd?

  5. DR, wat het van John JJ se blog geword?

  6. Sal vir jou n Preerneef post doen...sodra ek kaans kry...werk my gat af deesdae, maar November het ek weer bietjie aftyd...

    Jolly John - as jy my vra is die ou ook besig om sy dinge reg te kry...hy emigreer na Norway...werk ook sy moer suur intussentyd. Pak seker sy huis en lewe in SA op en maak reg vir die avontuur van n leeftyd...wens hom maar sterkte, dis n moerse ding...